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1. This online subscription Forum is for single-user, licensed customers only. User ID and passwords are for a single use only. Sharing of ID's or passwords is prohibited and can result in cancellation of an account. 

2. makes no guarantees, either implicitly or explicitly, that participants in this forum will earn any specific amount. Your ability to earn is dependent on your experience, skill set and willingness to work.

3. is not responsible for any possible errors or omissions contained in the Online Subscription Healthcare Consulting Forum, or any losses that may be derived from the use of the information contained therein.

4. Participants will be permitted access to this online Forum for a period of 180 days (six months) from the date of registration. 

5. Refund Policy Users will have three days to determine if they wish a refund. Within this three day window, a full refund will be given for any reason. After three days NO refunds will be given.. 

6., at its own discretion, will decide if any terms of the this agreement have been violated by customer. Upon written e- mailed notification to Customer of Terms of Use violations, Ritecode may revoke customer's license to use the Online Subscription Healthcare Consulting Forum. In that event, Customer agrees to any and all of the following:

a) Customers found in violation of this agreement, found reselling or redistributing Online Subscription Healthcare Consulting Forum, or making Members Area ID and password public to anyone in any manner will forfeit their Members area password and all rights to future versions of Online Subscription Healthcare Consulting Forum.

b). Customer will no longer be licensed to run any version of Online Subscription Healthcare Consulting Forum.

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